Website Care Package for WordPress

The peace of mind your website is up-to-date and secure.

Spend more time seeing clients and less time tinkering with site updates.

WordPress websites are awesome; they can scale to meet your growing needs as a private practice owner. Yet they require constant upkeep and even simple content updates can be challenging on many website themes. Let an expert handle all the technical stuff. Spend more time growing your practice or kicking back your heels.

No Contracts

We don't believe in contracts for ongoing work. Find a long-lost relative with web design skills? No worries, just give us 30-days notice.

Track Our Work

We confirm all completed work in an email or spreadsheet. For retainer clients, we also offer a simple project management tool to de-clutter your inbox.

Flexible Hours

Didn't need to use our services one month? No problem! We'll roll unused hours over to the next month for a maximum of one "rollover" per unused hour.

Quarterly Maintenance

Scheduled Back-end Updates Every Quarter
  • Software Updates
  • Plugin Updates
  • Recurring Backups
  • Performance Testing
  • Review on Desktop and Mobile Devices

Monthly Retainer

More Frequent Back-end Updates and Content Updates
  • Software Updates (Monthly)
  • Plugin Updates (Monthly)
  • Recurring Backups
  • Performance Testing
  • Review on Desktop and Mobile Devices
  • Content Updates
  • New Features and Integrations
  • Enhanced Website Security
  • Priority Support*

*We view our retainer clients as long-term partners with priority status. We’ll block off your hours in our project calendar every month. Never experience delays.

A Car Analogy

Learn how our care packages differ.

Structured Maintenance

Consider buying a new car. We'll provide routine maintenance for things like oil changes. In other words: Recurring backups and infrastructure updates to keep things running smoothly.

A Flexible Retainer Service

Our retainer plans also include content updates, adding new features and troubleshooting problems. To revisit the car analogy: Adding custom upholstery or diagnosing a random rattle.


In a word: Yes! We understand work ebbs and flows due to vacations and other randomness. If you’re paying us every month to make content updates and tackle other requests, we’ll roll unused hours into the next month — for a maximum of one month — to make sure you’re getting great value from the service. Other options include us proactively finding things to do (i.e. website speed improvements) or scheduling an educational session with your team for something like creating better blog posts.

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