Website Design for Private Practices

private practice creative services graphic design and wireframing

Creative Services

Is your company in need of a creative mind for graphic design? How about wire-framing the website content hierarchy to make sure visitors connect the right dots?

Private Private Launcher offers creative services to ensure the best foundations are in place for any future website or other online content. We also offer logo design services and assist in creating images from scratch, utilizing stock photography, and navigating the confusing world of copyright laws for existing media found online.

Modern Website Design

Did you know the majority digital media consumption now occurs on mobile devices? Have you considered the importance of call to actions and value propositions in converting visitors? 

Every business needs a responsive website to effectively display content on tablets and smartphones; a visitor’s first impression is vital to success. Let Private Practice Launcher build a website utilizing all the tricks in the trade. We’ll setup obvious triggers for visitors to click on the most important content and help you devise easy submission forms to seal the deal.

private practice mobile friendly and responsive website design

A great website only works if you're generating sustained website traffic. Let our SEO ninjas play nice with Google and create lasting results.


private practice website content proofreading & editing services

Content Editing

Does your written content need proofreading? How about an expert’s touch to turn boring sentences into marketable prose? 

We’ll never claim to be an expert in your industry or offer to write content from scratch. Yet give our team ready-made content and Private Practice Launcher will spellcheck, proofread for grammar, and edit for both SEO and marketability.

Lead Capture & Visitor Engagement

Are you capable of providing the right incentive so each visitor leaves his or her email before vanishing into thin air? Have you considered engaging visitors in real-time with live chats or utilizing exit-intent technology to buy one last chance at a conversion?

Every website visitor isn’t going pick up a phone and call the office right away, yet there’s plenty of ways to count each experience as a win. Tools must be in place to entice visitors to share content, leave an email address, and more. We’ll setup a wide range of features to engage visitors and capture as many leads as humanly possible.

private practice lead capture and visitor engagement

Showcase your awesome new website to qualified audiences with the best forms of online marketing.


private practice landing page and coming soon design

Landing Pages & “Coming Soon”

A private practice’s main website isn’t the only example of useful website design. Are you considering a “Coming Soon” page with a newsletter signup and social media prior to launch? How about a landing page to showcase a new service or promotion before visitors click through to the homepage? 

We offer private practices multiple options to generate buzz about a grand opening, upcoming happening, or other need-to-know information. A “Coming Soon” page serves to generate leads before it’s time to rock and roll. Landing pages, on the other hand, are perfect to provide a different flavor to visitors once your website is up and running.

Worry-Free Hosting

Who really wants to worry about purchasing website hosting and dealing with all that technical mumbo-jumbo?

Many web design firms push the hosting responsibilities onto the client. Here’s a hosting service we recommend, they’ll say, and it’s your turn to buy the hosting and simply hand over login credentials. We handle things a bit differently and offer hosting for clients with guaranteed 99.9% up-time. The website can also be migrated to your own hosting plan free of charge if circumstances change down the road.

worry free website hosting for private practices

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