A transparent, one-time cost for SEO that pays dividends for the life of your website.

Enjoy better ROI with a targeted approach to SEO.

Receive awesome SERP snippets for your website, which are the search results that appear in Google searches. Each webpage has a unique snippet; the higher snippets appear in searches, the better. We’ll dig into the data in your area, find the best keywords and craft perfect snippets targeting your ideal client.

We’ll also optimize visible page titles and headings around your core content. We won’t re-write your copy, but tastefully work on higher-level areas to make targeted optimizations in the areas that matter most. This serves as the perfect compliment to SERP snippets and supercharges SEO. You’ll have access to a curated keyword database to integrate terms into your writing as well.

Advanced Analytics

We use cutting-edge software to determine the best keywords for your specialties. Both search volume and competition are considered to curate the best options.


Google searches vary by locale; we'll drill down to your specific area and make sure every term is highly relevant to your ideal client, not those who live across the country.

Your Content

We're not subject matter experts; we'll tastefully work with your existing content to inject better keywords following SEO best practices. Your voice will continue to shine.

SEO Package

Search Engine Optimization for Your Private Practice
  • Advanced Keyword Research
  • Shared Keyword Database
  • Menu Audit (Structure & Verbiage)
  • SERP Snippets for Google
  • Optimized Page Titles & Headings
  • Google Analytics Support
  • Guide to Better Blogging (PDF)
  • Backlinks 101 (PDF)

How We Work

We’ll educate you every step of the way.

1. Fact Find

Great SEO balances data analysis and intel from website owners. It’s important we understand your practice, area and ideal client, as well as identify your most important content.

2. Research

We’ll perform keyword and competitor research for your specific area using industry leading software and share a Google Doc so you can review our findings before making any changes.

3. Optimize

We’ll make the optimizations on your website and give you plenty of context and follow-up material. Learn what to expect in the coming months from your new SEO work.


Creating new content is great — especially when it’s paired with a targeting marketing campaign — but the ROI from optimizing weekly or monthly blog posts simply isn’t the same as really focusing on your core menu pages. We do offer services for ongoing work, but want to start with a rock-solid foundation on your most important pages. Read more here.

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