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private practice market and competition research

Detailed Market Research

Do you understand what makes potential clients stand up and take notice? What drives your most successful competitors?

We use tools to track user activity via heat maps and setup analytics to glean useful information from competitors. We’ll help you leverage “big data” to understand your target audience, as well the most popular and visited competition.

private practice email marketing

Email Marketing Campaigns

Have you considered the fact all email addresses convert more clients than social media outreach and other marketing? 

Send one message to existing clients, another to qualified leads, and yet another to unknowns gathered from website submission forms. We’ll install the right tools, design a newsletter template and manage your entire email campaigns.

Where are you sending the audience of online marketing efforts? A great website, that's where. Explore our web design services.



Social Media Engagement

Did you know the most successful private practices go much further than simply adding social media links to their website and posting periodic updates? 

Taking advantage of the “set it and forget it” adage by automating social media. Visitors also need incentives to not only follow social media accounts, but share content with family, friends, and colleagues. We’ll teach best practices!

private practice online google ads

Targeted Online Advertising

Can you sum up the value of your private practice in 10 words or less? Did you know a modest monthly budget devoted to Google Ads can yield impressive ROI?

The power of the internet enables smaller businesses to target leads with unique demographic criteria, in specific locales, or both. We offer years of experience running successful ad campaigns for clients in various industries.

private practice online reputation management

Reputation Management

Have you considered the impact of negative reviews or stolen information posted elsewhere on the internet?

Businesses are prone to negative reviews, copyright infringements on content or graphics, and even attempts to erroneously tarnish reputations. We’ll use tools to follow new content posted online that links back to your website and more.

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