5 Tips for Private Practice Landing Pages

Landing pages for private practices are an effective tool for marketing and increase conversions. Here’s some examples:

  1. Ask visitors to purchase or download an e-book, PDF guide or other content.
  2. Advertise a specific service (i.e. couples counseling) with a request to contact you for an appointment.
  3. Promote groups, retreats, etc. with a registration form.

Landing pages should be simple and have a single goal in mind; sign-up or register for something, contact you for an appointment, etc. They’re often used alongside a Google AdWords campaign — or similar marketing strategies — to funnel traffic to your website with a clear objective.

Consider These Tips

If you’re advertising for a couples retreat, why not send people directly to a simple page with details and a registration form? Sending people to your homepage or a lengthy page detailing all of your couples therapy services requires unnecessary steps for prospective clients. Here’s five tips to create a great landing page:

#1 – Ditch the Menu

If you’re running an AdWords campaign promoting couples therapy, visitors don’t need to see a drop-down menu of your other services. Funnel people to the single goal you’ve identified for this landing page. If you have other goals related to different services, create more landing pages.

#2 – Keep the Content Simple

Imagine you’re running a Super Bowl ad and have 30-seconds to convey your information. Most landing pages should include:

  • branding (i.e. logo)
  • a compelling tagline
  • a single picture
  • 1-2 paragraphs of text broken up into bullet points
  • call to action (e.g. sign-up form or button)

More content is okay in particular cases where there’s just a lot of details to cover, but think small.

#3 – Give Visitors ONE Obvious Option

Notice in the example below, the only obvious option is to schedule a consultation, which is the focus of the landing page text as well.

#4 – …But Also Link to Your Homepage

The above example also includes subtle links to the homepage and contact form. Linking to your homepage is a best practice for any Google advertising campaign and offering another option to contact you might make sense and still counts as a conversion.

#5 – Make Sure It’s Mobile-Friendly

Around 50% of your website traffic is on mobile devices. Check out the landing page on your phone to make sure someone can easily navigate the content.

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