Blogging for Therapists: What It Means for SEO

We’re here to tell you blogging isn’t always the best use of your time. Spend a few minutes going through the following thought exercise:

Are you the website owner of a private practice relying on local clients? Imagine writing a blog post about “Signs and Symptoms of Depression” 

Unless you create a locale-specific spin in the article (which often doesn’t make sense) your visitors from search engines are likely to be from all across the country. How does this help drive local leads to your website?

While it makes perfect sense to include your location alongside a depression counseling service page, simply blogging about depression isn’t really a location-based topic. Therefore, it isn’t targeted to your ideal audience and client base.

For Local Businesses

Consider when it makes sense to write content with your location emphasized versus blogging about general topics that might not reach a targeted audience.Should you painstakingly write a long form article when the majority of people finding your content online won’t become customers or clients?

More visits on your website — from any location — does look good in the eyes of Google and will improve your page rankings, but the impact on your client base is therefore indirect and harder to quantify. Most people finding your article on Google won’t be in your backyard, so spending hours writing a great article about a topic related to your private practice may not result in the best ROI.

When Blogging Makes More Sense

Blogging is great if you plan to share the content in a newsletter to drive more traffic to your website via an existing local audience. Newsletters in particular (compared to social media) have high engagement rates and can be easily forwarded from one person to others who may find your content useful. And these people are more likely to be located in your area.

Now imagine you have something to offer people across various locales like an e-book on parents using planned ignoring or coping skills for anxiety.  You can optimize a blog post (or series of posts) for this targeted topic and generate traffic to your website without needing to qualify a locale.

Blog posts with a location-based angle are also great! Is your practice in New York City? Maybe writing a blog post about anxiety on subways makes sense. Or perhaps you can tie a blog post into a local event or happening.

Finally, network with popular bloggers or magazines in your area to link to articles on your website. Writing about a general topic is A-okay if a popular website in your area is linking to the article. It all comes down to connecting the dots and understanding how content drives qualified leads to your site.

The Bottom Line

The impact of blogging on SEO and growing your client base can be negligible if you’re writing about general topics and your target audience is narrowly defined by a location. Consider your blog post topics and how you’re sharing content to ensure better results.

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