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Keyword Research

Did you know choosing the right keywords and knowing where they belong on a website greatly improves search performance? 

Keywords can make or break a website’s ability to rocket up Google search results. The best keyword research includes a multi-pronged approach to develop and implement phrases where they’re most effective. Private Practice Launcher can handle the entire research process and ensure keywords appear in the proper format on page titles, header text, and more.

Locale-Specific Optimization

Is your business located in a specific locale? Have you noticed the cool Google feature displaying contact info and business hours directly in search results?

Most private practices require leads and clients within a certain geographical range of the office. Search engine optimization thus needs to be tailored to the specific locale. We’ll ensure your website is optimized so local residents see your private practice on the first page of search results.

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SEO wizardry gets more eyes on your website. Are you taking advantage? We'll design a responsive website to convert more visitors.


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Page Ranking Boosts

Are you writing great blog posts and content for the website? Do you want the pages to be ranked as high as possible on Google and become a go-to resource for searchers?

The first rule in search engine optimization is to create quality and relevant content. Yet the minor details from text length and inclusion of headers to tagging images and link formatting play an important secondary role. We’re here to manage all your website pages or optimize one page as an example and devise a custom checklist to follow so someone else can replicate the process.

Monthly Analytic Reports

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a monthly report delivered to your inbox with website traffic and other stats readily accessible for review? 

Everyone can gain access to analytic data with minimal setup when a website is first launched. Parsing through all of the data, however, and understanding the most important metrics is both daunting and time consuming for the majority of website owners. We create reader-friendly monthly reports for clients detailing all the important stats so you’ll be able to track progress over time and work to improve problem spots.


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